I Believe

I believe in the greatness of the individual and that I am in this world for a purpose, that purpose being to put back into life more than I have taken out;

I believe in the integrity of other people, assured that they try as hard to follow the gleam, even as I;

I believe in the gallantry of older people whose seasoned, experienced and steadfast devotion has preserved for me the precious heritage of the past;

I believe in the magnificence of the past, knowing that without its storied wealth I would possess nothing;

I believe in the challenge of the future and that I can spread it through cheerfulness, wholesome habits, sensible expenditure of energies and wise use of foods;

I believe in the nobility of work as the creative expression of the best within me and as my sharing in easing the common load of all;

I believe in the enrichment of play and laughter as the means of cleansing my body of staleness and my soul of bitterness;

I believe in God, who testifies all these beliefs; He is the still small voice within, ever urging me toward the unattained.

Since He cares for these things, I believe that even death cannot steal these precious possessions from me;    And whatever more I believe is entwined in those precious feelings that lie too deep for words.”


December, 1977
Submitted by: D. Roy Murray
King Solomon Lodge, No. 58, GRS
Victoria Lodge, No. 13, GRA

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