A Journey to the Spirit (The Manual)

Should you, the reader, wish to obtain a copy of this Manual I offer you the following:-

  1. The Full Manual is 120 Pages in length ( 8 1/2 x 11 ) and has been created in such a manner that it can be Three holed punched and saved in a One Inch Ring Binder.
  2. Delivery will be by email and will contain all 5 Sections in PDF Format
    • Introduction
    • Entered Apprentice Degree
    • Fellowcraft Degree
    • Master Mason Degree
    • Royal Arch Masonry
  1. Please note that Copyright is in place.
  2. The manner of a “Thank You”  donation to The Educator is as follows:
    1. The donation has been suggested $20.00 US  using  Pay Pal.
    2. For the benefit of the Craft in general, I am offering a Complimentary copy to any Masonic Lodge in the World on the receipt of such request on Lodge  letterhead.                                       The intent is that they would then have the opportunity to utilize the Manual for the education of candidates & present each candidate with his own personal copy.


This method of sharing has been chosen in an effort to make the manual readily available to readers irrespective of where they may live in the World & (by eliminating mailing costs), thus making it affordable to as many readers as possible.

Having said that,  I am sure the reader can appreciate there are, and have been, costs in the development of this Manual and “The Educator” and Donations are solicited to offset such costs.

Should more clarity be required, or misunderstandings be encountered, please contact me direct at theeducator@shaw.ca & I will make every effort to accommodate.

Thank you for your support.

Have a Wonderful Day & God Bless

Norman McEvoy

A Journey to the Spirit (The Manual)

For $20 American funds, I will forward the supporter, one PDF version of "A Journey to the Spirit (The Manual)"
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Upon receipt I will forward the PDF of "A Journey to the Spirit (The Manual)"
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