Masonic Bibles

Masonic Bibles

An example of a dilapidated spine of a Masonic Bible and how they can look when restored by experts. Of all the antiquities within the Lodge, the Volume of The Sacred Law is the most important. The Great Light in Masonry, and The Rule and Guide for Masonic Faith and Practice is placed on the Master’s pedestal when the Lodge is opened, where the meetings are conducted in peace and harmony. Most often, the Lodge Bible is the original that was Continue reading

The North is Dark (Why)?

THE NORTH IS DARK  (WHY) ? An Age Old Tradition Examined It is one of our old-time traditions that the North side of the Lodge Room, as explained in the Monitor, "has always been termed a place of darkness," in imitation of King Solomon's Temple, "of which every Lodge is a representation."  In further explanation, it is stated that the Temple was  "situated so far north of the ecliptic that neither the sun nor moon, at meridian Continue reading

The North East Corner

THE NORTH EAST CORNER By Bro. C. H. Pirie Published in The Tracing Board, GRS, 1979 No doubt many newly made Masons including newly raised Master Masons, will, during their period of initiation into the workings of a Lodge and the peculiarities of the stations at which various parts of the degrees are unfolded, wonder why the candidates are so placed. One of the first of these is the placing of a candidate during the first degree in Continue reading

The Unity of our Masonic System

"THE UNITY OF OUR MASONIC SYSTEM" By M. Ex Comp. Rev, C.T.F. Goy. One of the greatest aids to human thought is the use of symbolism. It reveals itself to us every day of our existence - it is engraved into our ordinary life. We know that the right place for a sceptre is in the hands of a monarch, for it is the emblem of regal power and dignity. We all use the handshake as a mode of greeting, for it is a sign of goodwill and friendship. Continue reading

Circumambulation & it’s Significance

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CIRCUMAMBULATION A reprint of an address by The-late Rev. Bro. J.T. Burchill Past Secretary of the Victoria Lodge of Education and Research. Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukion. The word “circumambulation” is derived from two Latin words - "circum" meaning “around” and "ambulare” meaning "to walk" and literally means "a walking around". It is not only the name of part of the three degrees in Craft Masonry but Continue reading

The Six Pointed Star

The Six Pointed Star By, Dr. O.J. Graham August 16, 1999 The Six-Pointed Star is going into its fourth edition. There have been thousands of letters over the years and comments are available upon request. The questions which are asked of this author are: What made you even remotely curious that the six-pointed star might not be "Jewish"? After all, it is called the "Star of David" and has it not become the international insignia of Continue reading

Christmas Story 2016

 “ CHRISTMAS STORY – 2016 “  Once again we arrive at the month of December and sadly enough discover the repeated call of divers groups to dismantle the Story of Christmas and any associated considerations which maybe discovered supporting it. Many large stores have also altered their window themes in order to comply with the  thrust of such groups and once again this has led to confusion and concern in the minds of the kindergarten Continue reading

The Spiritual Interpretation of the Officers of the Lodge

THE SPIRITUAL INTERPRETATION OF THE OFFICES IN THE LODGE The following is an abbreviated record of the interpretation of the several offices given some years ago by the late W.Bro. W. L. Wilmshurst under the title, ''The Book of the Perfect Lodge. '' It is hoped that these notes will give the reader a clear understanding and appreciation of the responsibilities of these offices, the holders of which are really vehicles of ritual Continue reading

A Journey to the Spirit

A Journey to the Spirit INTRODUCTION Over my past 60 years as a Freemason I have witnessed, and even participated in, the conferral of ceremonies wherein the brethren responsible for the delivery of same have had little or no understanding of the Esoteric nature of the ceremony itself. Why this is so I attribute to the lack of Masonic Education dealing with such matters resulting in the perpetuation of this practice even to this day. This Continue reading

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