Ceremonial Preparation

CEREMONIAL PREPARATION ORIGINS OF THE RITE Ceremonial preparation is an ancient rite that has its origins shrouded in the mists of time. In every period, from the primeval ages of the most primitive races to this modern era of diverse and sophisticated peoples, some form of preparation has been required and continues to be required of candidates for acceptance into many of the broad spectrum of our religious organisations, sects and Continue reading

Reflections on the E/A Degree

Reflections on the EA Degree Shared from the Sunday Morning Paper Nothing in Freemasonry is more beautiful in form or more eloquent in meaning than the First Degree. Its simplicity and dignity, its blend of solemnity and surprise, as well as its beauty of moral truth, mark it as a little masterpiece. Nowhere may one hope to find nobler appeal to the native nobilities of as man. What we get out of Freemasonry, as of anything else depends upon Continue reading

Five Points of Fellowship

FIVE POINTS OF FELLOWSHIP Adapted from a paper shared by R.W. Bro. Robert Taylor Sidney Australia. The communication of the Five Points of Fellowship is one of the most moving and meaningful passages in the Masonic Ritual. The Five Points are an integral and essential part of the secrets of the third degree. They are both a series of actions and a code to some of the important essentials of the Masonic Order. The code has a common basis Continue reading

Amos ; What seeest Thou?

AMOS, WHAT SEEST THOU? by Ray W. Burgess, Past Grand Master of Louisiana In all the Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana (and many other Grand Jurisdictions) the VOSL is open at the Seventh Chapter of Amos in the FC Degree. Why do we do this? This practice is not universal, but ours has the sanctity of long use and sacredness. Also, since one of the working tools of a FC is the Plumb, it is Continue reading

The Ritual is not the main Thing.

The Ritual is not the Main Thing       By Rabbi E. Geffen, 32d, F.P.S. Masonic Light - 1949 There are many Masons who know nothing about the morality of Masonry, or what their duties are, for the reason that they are only interested in the ritual. The ritual is only a small part of Masonry; and steps should be taken to call the attention of the Craftsman to the morality of the Craft, and to what their duties as good and true Masons are, Continue reading

Masonic Ritual History

History of Masonic Ritual dating back to the Establishment of The United Grand Lodge of England 1n 1813. a paper presented by Jacques Huyghebaert Past Master Lodge #2991 UGLE and refers to work conducted by W.Bro. John Hamill. In its nearly 300 year old history the successive Grand Lodges in England have never officially sanctioned,  approved or sponsored any masonic ritual. W. Bro John Hamill has identified over 50 different rituals Continue reading

The Point Within a Circle

The Point Within a Circle taken and adapted by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy from "The Freemason at Work " by Harry Carr in answer to the Question as to how he would explain this piece of Symbolism.  Page 247 The ideal Symbolism is that which is simple and immediately obvious, so that the word or picture instantly conveys its own interpretations e.g. the lily for purity, the lamb for innocence, the level for equality. In most cases-- and Continue reading

The Personification of a Mason

Taken from "The Address to the Brethren"  presented at Installation Ceremonies with the Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon Jurisdiction The Personification of a Mason If you see a man who quietly and modestly moves in the sphere of his life ; who, without blemish, fulfills his duty as a man, a subject, a husband and a father; who is pious without hypocrisy, benevolent without ostentation, and aids his fellowman without self-interest; whose heart Continue reading

White Gloves

Presented by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy Director of Masonic Education Victoria Columbia Lodge No1 Grand Lodge of BC&Yukon (Canada) Over the years, and in particular over the last few months, I have encountered a number of occasions where the subject of WHY, WHEN  & WHERE to wear white gloves has surfaced. In an effort to add light to this custom, I have done some research and now share it with you. GLOVES,  Page 461 Freemason’s Continue reading

The Evergreen

Presented by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy Past Master (1998) Victoria Columbia Lodge No1 Grand Lodge of BC&Y (Canada) Memorial Services It seems, with the arrival of winter, we find ourselves attending more Memorial Services than usual for Brethren who have passed to the GLA, remembering the wonderful times we have had together, and offering our condolences to his family. During the last month, I have had too many of such occasions Continue reading

Bible Openings

Adapted from  "Freemason at Work" by Harry Carr  (1977) By V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy Director of Masonic Education Victoria Columbia Lodge No1 Grand Lodge of BC&Yukon (Canada) Customs vary considerably in different parts of the World, and the following notes are designed to show some of the best-known procedures. I have added a brief note, in each case, indicating the essential Masonic significance of the passages quoted. The earliest Continue reading

Symbols & Does Evil Exist?

Symbols “Symbols” as stated in our response to “What is Masonry” i.e. “It is a System of Morality, Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols This I intend to approach from both an Exoteric (outward & apparent) and Esoteric (inward & hidden) perspective and in doing so I am leaning very heavily on the “Freemasons’ Guide and Compendium” written by Bernard E.Jones. He writes :- “The first learning in the world, we are told, Continue reading

Allegory & Does God Exist?

Allegory “Allegory” as stated in our response to “What is Masonry” i.e. “It is a System of Morality, Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by Symbols This I intend to approach from both an Exoteric (outward & apparent) and Esoteric (inward & hidden) perspective Let me begin by giving you the definition of the word “Allegory” Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary gives the following definition, the expression by means of Continue reading

Ritual Things we say & Mandela

Ritual Things we Say!! There are a great number of things we SAY in our Rituals, and in and about Freemasonry, that seem to mean many different things to many different people, and in fact may even have been heard once or twice and never thought of again. With this thought in mind I have decided to tackle some of these words and phrases and with your help, by way of feedback, try to cast some light as to what I think was the intent when written Continue reading

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