Where did all our Freemasons Go?

 Where Did All Our Freemasons Go? Adapted by V.W. Bro Norman McEvoy from a paper presented by R.W. Bro. Gordon Crutcher. Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario (Canada) I would venture a guess to say there's not one single Lodge within our (any) Grand Lodge that isn't concerned about membership and Lodge attendance. Each year on the Official Visit your Secretary and your Master fill out their report and one of the questions is Continue reading

That’s Not How We Did It In My Year!!!

That's Not How We Did It In My Year !! By W. Bro. Carl W. Davis The story is told of a bishop who was touring a newly constructed church building. The church's pastor took the bishop into the sanctuary. Above the door was painted a verse of Scripture that said, "My house shall be called a house of prayer." Next, the pastor took the bishop into the kitchen where the following scripture from the Gospel of Matthew was painted above the door Continue reading

Seven Great Mistakes of Freemasonry

Seven Greatest Mistakes of Freemasonry (author unknown) 1. Ritual Without Meaning Too many times, we are more concerned about performing the ritual perfectly without understanding what it means. Ritual for the sake of tradition is worthless. Ritual for the sake of enlightenment is valuable. An understanding of the ritual’s meaning is far more important than just memorizing it. 2. Fellowship without Frivolity Whenever Masons decide to hold Continue reading

An Interview with the Grand Master of Ireland

The following is a copy of an Interview with the Grand Master of Ireland and published in the New Irish News on September 13, 2015. FREEMASONS ARE ACTUALLY A BUNCH OF REGULAR GUYS Interviewer Liam Collins When you enter the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in Ireland, in Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, it has the feel of a gentleman's club and I am ushered politely into the library to await the presence of the Most Worshipful Brother Douglas T Grey, Continue reading

A View Point on Freemasonry

A View Point on Freemasonry, from an Individual Masons Perspective Adapted by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy from a paper by Francis G. Paul 33* Northern Light, May 1990 Reproduced from Masonic Bulletin October 1990, Vol. LIII No. 2 The majority of our membership derives its satisfaction by simply belonging. Most Masons do not feel a need to attend Lodge meetings or to be “active” in the life of our fraternity in order to reap the benefits of Continue reading

Why the Rush

WHY THE RUSH presented by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy The subject I wish to address in this paper is the "Why the Rush" in getting Candidates through the Degrees. Our History tells us that in Operative Times, apprentices were required to serve SEVEN years prior to being considered for the honour of being a Freemason. By no means am I advocating this length of time, however, somewhere between the process of               "All the Way in only a Continue reading

I am the Guy

I Am The Guy I am the guy who asked to join your organization I am the guy who paid his dues to join. I am the guy who stood up in front of you and promised to be faithful and loyal to the Fraternity I am the guy who came to your meetings and no one paid any attention to me I tried several times to be friends but they all had their own buddies to talk to and sit next to. I sat down several times alone but no one paid any attention to Continue reading

Proposed Lodge Structure

The Educator Concept Proposed Lodge Officers & Brethren Structure The following paper was created by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy as his answer to a course assignment under the heading of Governance and titled "Effective Leadership & Communication"  The course was provided by "Ashlar College of Freemasonry" which is a Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon In-Jurisdiction Masonic Education Body. The answer was submitted Sept 16, 2014. and Continue reading

More Masonry into Men

MORE MASONRY INTO MEN adapted by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy from an address given by Wor. Bro. A. Deans Peggs, P.D.G.W.(E.C.) On the Occasion of his Installation as Master of the Victoria Lodge of Education and Research OCTOBER 19th, 1971 There is concern and apprehension in the Masonic world over the fairly general decline in the number of men who have been made Masons. I understand that Canada is no exception from this general trend and Continue reading

A Masonic Lodge is Not a Service Club

A Masonic Lodge is Not a Service Club By. M.W. Bro. Laurence Healey ; Grand Master Grand Lodge of British Columbia (1952) adapted by V.W.Bro. Norman McEvoy for publication in "The Educator" Many of our brethren fail to properly differentiate between the objectives of Freemasonry and those of the popular modern service clubs. Each has a definite sphere of service; each is important-yet they follow separate paths. The timely article on this Continue reading

Are We Really Making (Masons)

Are We Really Making (Masons) by C. Donald Prosser, MPS Definition: Make To Bring Into Being: Put Together: Build: Form; Shape. My own Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of Florida, instituted a Masonic Education Program for their candidates in 1954. This Masonic Education Program was built on the premise that the Fraternity should be "MAKING MASONS." Prior to this, only a program of catechism in the Three Symbolic Degrees was being used. The Continue reading

Our Mission in Freemasonry

"OUR MISSION IN FREEMASONRY" FROM EXAMPLE AND THROUGH LEADERSHIP R.W. Bro. V. Burnie Kyle, S.G.W. Grand Lodge of British Columbia Grand Master 1984/85. Our mission and responsibilities within the Craft and how we relate to them in our daily affairs, is very indicative to the principles of sound leadership and the high standard of moral tolerance we project by our examples. Freemasonry is an organization of men who are banded together in Continue reading

A New Renaissance in Freemasonry

A New Renaissance in Freemasonry A personal paper created by R.W. Bro. Ian J Bowman Senior Grand Warden, BC and Yukon Presented at the Western Canada Conference, October 2014. Note  *I took the liberty of making a few changes to this quote from Freemasonry and the American Revolution by Sidney Morse. The Paper Contrary to public opinion and statistical numbers regarding our membership, I believe we are entering a new period of revival Continue reading

Freemasonry for Wives; Family & Others.

FREEMASONRY FOR WIVES FAMILY AND OTHERS When it comes to attracting men to join Freemasonry, large factor in the potential candidates’ decision process will very often be the attitude of his wife. Immediately, his wife will think “what’s it all about”? Perhaps she, and indeed her husband, may have some preconceived idea of Freemasonry – perhaps her father, grandfather or another relative, or a friend is, or was, a member. As with many Continue reading

Challenges of Masonry in the 21st Century

The Challenges of Masonry in the 21st Century An article presented by Thomas. W Jackson to the Third International Conference of Masonology, held in Izmir Turkey, April 12, 2013 and shared in the Spring 2013 Edition of the Philalethes Magazine. Commented on , In Red,  by VW. Bro. Norman McEvoy. MPS.  publisher of The Educator and member of the Philalethes Society Most Worshipful Grand Masters, distinguished colleagues and my Brothers, it is a Continue reading

Who Does What & When

Who Does What & When Brethren, as we approach the beginning of another Masonic Year, and the strategic planning for Installations, effective meetings, education, social evenings etc, begins, I wish to share the following with you.  Please note that I have adapted this old saying for Masonic use. There are three types of Masons within our Fraternity. 1.   Those who make things happen 2.   Those who watch things happen 3.   Those who Continue reading

The Penalty of Leadership

The Penalty of Leadership In every field of endeavour, he that is in First, must constantly live in the white light of publicity. Whether the leadership is vested in a man or a manufactured product, emulation and envy are ever at work. In art, in literature, in music, in industry, the reward and the punishment are always the same. The reward is widespread recognition; the punishment, fierce denial and detraction. When a man’s work Continue reading

The Illuminator

Leadership This is from a little book called “Bits and Pieces” and written by Catherine Zeeb (Therapist) “The Illuminator” Radiate the light from within into your work and into the World. Experience the light within you and then shine it out for all to see. They may not know what is hitting them, but they will like it. They don’t have to know where it is coming from or why, but they will like it. Go now into Continue reading

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Start viewing the World by focusing on potentially optimistic viewpoints rather than on the negative prognostications of pessimists and “Victims” - Dr. Wayne Dyer Continue reading

Notices ; Summonses etc..

NOTICES ; SUMMONSES ETC. What is the difference between a "Notice" and a "Summons" and the difference between a "Meeting" and a "Communication" Is the current common practice of a Lodge sending out a "Notice of Meeting" in keeping with good Masonic practice???? Hopefully this position can be supported by what is about to follow. Let me begin with selective definitions of each of these words from Webster's New Collegiate Continue reading

Masonic Correspondence etc.

Masonic Correspondence etc. In this paper I want to deal with a topic that came up in a Masonic Education Day I recently attended here in Victoria.  The subject was the difference between a "Notice" and a "Summons" and the difference between a "Meeting" and a "Communication". The speaker expressed his opinion that the current common practice of the Lodge sending out a "Notice of Meeting" is not in keeping with good Masonic practice and I am Continue reading

Mission Statement

  Mission Statement This wonderful little piece has been gleaned for the Installation Program of Port Angeles Lodge No 69 F & AM of Washington. "The Mission of Freemasonry is to promote a way of life that binds like minded men in a world wide brotherhood which transcends all religious, ethnic, social, cultural and educational differences; by teaching the great principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth: and by the outward Continue reading

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