The Great Dissesention (or Schism)

The Great Dissesention (or Schism) What follows is the text of an address given by Wor. Bro. E. J. E. McLagan, a member of the Hobart Lodge of Research, on the 21st. July , 1967. I now address the issue of the Great Dissension which occurred in the 18th. Century, culminating in Freemasonry in England being divided into two factions bitterly opposed to each other. These rivals became known as the “Antients” who formed a rival Grand Lodge in Continue reading

Masonic Bibles

Masonic Bibles

An example of a dilapidated spine of a Masonic Bible and how they can look when restored by experts. Of all the antiquities within the Lodge, the Volume of The Sacred Law is the most important. The Great Light in Masonry, and The Rule and Guide for Masonic Faith and Practice is placed on the Master’s pedestal when the Lodge is opened, where the meetings are conducted in peace and harmony. Most often, the Lodge Bible is the original that was Continue reading

Symbolism of the Corner Stone

Symbolism of the Corner Stone

Shared with us by R.W. Bro. Robert Taylor United Grand Lodge of N.S.W. & A.C.T. (Australia) The corner-stone is the stone which lies at the corner of two walls and forms the corner of the foundation of the edifice. In Masonic buildings it is now always placed in the north east; but this rule was not always formally observed. As the foundation on which the entire structure is supposed to rest, it is considered by operative masons as the Continue reading

The Rise of Freemasonry

The Rise of Freemasonry By Fred L. Pick, P.A.G.D.C., Prov. G. Sec. Lancs. (E.D.),  P.M., Quatuor Coronati Lodge, 2076. & co-author of "The Pocket History of Freemasonry" with G. Norman Knight. Brethren often ask, “How old is Freemasonry?” and, in an attempt to answer that question, let us travel backward in time, afterwards retracing our steps. First, the backward journey: The English Craft Ritual in all its variations is founded on the Continue reading

The Silent Architect

The Silent Architect The following talk was delivered in the Sydney Lodge of Research on 19th May 1936, by Brother Rev. L.H. Purnell. First of all I want to say that about 85 years ago a man named Barclay went for a walk with his dog and a gun around the walls of Jerusalem, and when he got as far as the Damascus Gate he discovered that his dog was missing, and looking in every direction he began whistling for the dog without any success. He Continue reading

Origins of Early Freemasonry

Origins of Early Freemasonry Adapted by Norman McEvoy from a paper by Freddy Berdach SLGR, PPSGW (Middx)  Preface: This subject has been written and talked about for many years – and by many more eminent people than myself, but in this paper, I am hoping to show that speculative Freemasonry developed directly from the operative masons at a time when religious freedom was in danger. I think the key question is why should members of the Continue reading

Victory Postage Stamp

Solomon Lodge of Research No. 5986 P.O. Box 1262 Saskatoon SK S7K 3N9 The 1946 Victory Stamp Bro. R. J. Meek, Nelson Lodge, 23 Since England first issued postage stamps - the famous "Penny Blacks" - in 1840, only five special issues have ever been printed. It is singularly gratifying to the Fraternity that the "Victory Issue" put on sale last June in Gt. Britain contains much of Masonic interest. The 3 penny denomination of the Special Continue reading

Unlawful Societies Act

The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799     Adapted from a paper presented by R.W. Bro Wayne Anderson In the early years of Freemasonry, when there were many secret groups or societies working against the Crown of England. Parliament enacted the "Unlawful Societies Act” of 1799 banning all Secret Societies that required their members to take oaths. The primary objective of this Act was to suppress all secret activity that could involve the Continue reading

The Royal Society & Freemasonry

THE ROYAL SOCIETY AND FREEMASONRY Amended, in part, by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy from a Paper presented to the Victoria Lodge of Education and Research on November 21, 2006 by R. W. Bro. David Ritchie P.D.D.G.M (GLofBC&Y), Education Officer Discovery Lodge No. 149 GLofBC&Y. Some little time ago while I was reading a Masonic article in a non Masonic magazine I came across the following: “We know that the United Grand Lodge of England Continue reading

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