King Solomon’s Temple & Freemsonry

KING SOLOMONS TEMPLE AND FREEMASONRY by Joseph C. Richmond Presented to Pythagoras Lodge of Research, FAAM., Washington, D.C. (date unknown) shared with Victoria Lodge of Education & Research 1977-4 and adapted for this presentation by V.W. Bro. Norman McEvoy Past Master V.L.E.R. History   (The Beginnings) The Jews were a nomadic people, chiefly occupied as herdsmen and warriors. They lived in tents, and until the Temple was built Continue reading

Scouting and Freemasonry

SCOUTING AND FREEMASONRY Scouting and Freemasonry are independent worldwide Movements, both founded on moral principles and there are many parallels between the two Movements. The first of these, and the foremost membership requirement of each Movement, is that those who join must profess a belief in a Supreme Being. By not requiring a member’s Supreme Being to be specifically the Christian understanding of God, both Scouting and Continue reading

Freemasonry and the Scout Movement

From the Philalethes Magazine (permission to reprint requested and received) Freemasonry and the Scout Movement By George W. Kerr (first presented in the Ontario Mason) It may be surprising to many members of the Craft that there is any relationship between Masonry and Scouting. The one, being for men, and the other for our youth However, the large number of male Scout Leaders, many of whom hold a similar attitude to life as do the Masons Continue reading

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