Charge for the Festival of St John

A Charge for the Festival of St John copied from The Spirit of Masonry by William Hutchinson (1775) In that the Celebration of the Festival of St John is on June 24th of each year, it makes this sharing very timely indeed. The Charge Brethren; Being this day, by your choice, exalted into the chair, it is the fervent wish of my heart to render myself as little undeserving as possible of this distinguished honour: many important has a Master of Continue reading

The Ancient Charges

This paper has been created by consolidating presentations made in 2005 Editions of "The Educator" when shared in email form.    Now that sharing is possible by way of the Internet, larger presentations are now possible & need not be broken down into bits and pieces.   Sharing in this format should make reading and holding a chain of though much easier to maintain.        Hopefully you will ENJOY              Norm THE ANCIENT CHARGES The Continue reading

Seven Liberal Arts & Sciences

Introduction.  In the candidates progress through the Degrees of Freemasonry, he is admonished to conduct a study of the Liberal Arts, more especially that of Geometry. This paper is intended to offer not only a focus on Geometry but to take a closer look at all of the of the Seven Liberal Arts  & Sciences. The intent here is to provide reference material for the serious student. Hopefully it will be of benefit. SEVEN LIBERAL ARTS AND Continue reading

The Charge to the E/A

The Charge In The Entered Apprentice Degree As presented at the Senior Warden’s pedestal.  It commences as follows:-  Brother, as you have passed through the ceremony of your initiation, let me congratulate you on being admitted a member of our ancient and honourable institution. Ancient no doubt it is, as having subsisted from time immemorial, and honourable it must be acknowledged to be, as by a natural tendency it conduces to make those Continue reading

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